Professional Cleaning Services App

Custom management software for a business providing professional cleaning services for the hospitality industry.

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  • Custom Level Access
App development for a B2B professional cleaning company.
  • Cleaning Manager is a web application developed for a growing company providing professional cleaning services for accommodations in the tourism industry in Germany.
  • The app enhances communication between the company providing cleaning services and their partners who accommodate tourists. Furthermore, it streamlines daily operations, simplifying task management and facilitating coordination among teams.
  • client Platon Cleaning
  • industry Professional cleaning services
  • services Web & Mobile App Development

About project

  • As with any application tailored for a specific domain, we started by understanding the process flow and gathering requirements. The key features - booking registrations, cleaning session management and reporting - were the essential features, around which the whole application was built.
  • Throughout the entire development process, as soon as each feature was implemented and tested, we engaged with the customer by gathering feedback regarding the usability and efficiency of the application.
  • This iterative approach not only resulted in more user-friendly interfaces but also ensured that the application meets the specific needs of both business owners accommodating tourists and cleaning company managers.
  • The project embodies our conviction that a customer-centric solution can be crafted through an iterative development process, with the aim of delivering a custom application that genuinely aligns with the requirements of our intended user base.

Project features

  • Enhanced visual interfaces for process workflows
  • Different access levels: operator, administrator, owner
  • Integrated booking calendar
  • PDF document generator
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The services provided by Codern Venture were just great. Also, the way of presenting these services to us, the clients, was particularly efficient, no fancy or technical words, just ideas and proposals we could easily relate to. Throughout the entire creation process of our website, we had a strong feeling that our vision was the most important, and the Codern team built the website around it. We consider that this collaboration went smoothly and nicely for all of us, and we are sure to recommend Codern Venture in the future. Thanks!

Mihai Platon Founder, Platon Cleaning
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